Our dedicated Surgical Theatre is fully equipped to perform a wide range of surgical procedures.

Your pet's safety is our priority. When undergoing General Anaesthesia, your pet will be under constant monitoring by our trained nurses and veterinarians before, during and after the surgical procedure. All surgical patients will undergo a full physical exam by our veterinarians. Pre-anaesthetic blood work or Intravenous fluid placement will be made available to our clients as an option if deemed recommended or required by our veterinarians. 

For all surgical procedures, patients would have to be fasted the night before. We recommend clients to stop feeding after 12 midnight. Water can still be provided overnight, however it should be removed around 7am in the morning. Fasting is not required for most exotic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.


Dental Services

Dental health is very important for our furry companions. Regular teeth brushing should be done at home to prevent bacteria from building up on the teeth and causing dental disease. Dental disease is more than just a build up of plaque on the teeth or bad breath. Unknown to many pet owners, severe dental disease could result in other organ failure. 

Further. pets with dental or gum disease could have a compromised quality of life due to the inflammation and pain present in the mouth; often times the pet owner may not even be aware that a tooth root abscess is affecting their pet.

Symptoms to look out for:

Services provided:

  • Build up of plaque on the teeth

  • Bad breath

  • Smelly/Sticky saliva

  • Increased salivation

  • Loss of appetite​

  • Routine Dental Scaling

  • Routine Dental Polishing

  • Teeth Extractions

  • Teeth Trimming for Pocket Pets (e.g rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters)


We provide sterilisation services for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Sterilisation is the process of removing your pet's reproductive organs permanently via surgery. 

For dogs and cats the recommended age for sterilisation is any time after 6 months or after they have reached sexual maturity. Please enquire with us for further advice or recommendations for your pet's specific needs. 

Post- Operation Care:

The sterilisation wound generally takes about 14 days to heal.

During this phase, we recommend an e-collar to be worn at all times to prevent your pet from self-trauma by licking or chewing the site. Your pet should be separated from all other animals and activity level should be kept low. Please do not bathe your pet until after the 14 days. 

Look out for any abnormal discharge, swelling or disruption of the wound. If the wound has healed well there will be no need for a review appointment. 

Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform soft tissue surgeries daily. Some of the more common procedures are listed below. Please enquire with us for information on these and other surgical procedures we perform. 


Cystotomy (aka Bladder Stone Removal)

Foreign Body Removal

Aural Haematoma Repair

Ophthalmic Surgery

Our vets are able to perform a range of surgeries related to the eye, including cherry eye, entropion correction, eye enucleation surgeries, etc. Please call us if you have a query about an eye related surgery.