Other Services

Microbubble Bath 

Our clinic is equipped with an in-house nano microbubble machine. This allows us to provide a microbubble spa for your furkids. Microbubble technology creates bubbles that are around 1-50 microns in size. These are able to penetrate into the pores and hair follicles to remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and bacteria. In addition, the negatively charged ions present will bond to the positively charged debris which assists in their removal. Another benefit of microbubbles is its ability to circulate the oxygen in the water and deliver it more effectively to the skin. 

A microbubble bath session at our clinic is 30 minutes long. It will include a full blow dry as well. 

We recommend this spa therapy for cats and dogs with certain skin issues. Please contact us for more information regarding this service. 

Canine Hairdresser

Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning

Nail Clip

We understand that some owners have trouble with ear cleaning or nail clipping at home. We are happy to assist in this.

Our trained nurses are also able to teach owners this skill. Please let us know beforehand if your pet is more sensitive to these procedures and would require special attention. Our vets are there to provide advice on how to reduce their anxiety and make the process as fast and as comfortable for your furkids as possible.