We provide hospitalisation services for patients who need extra attention to recover from their illnesses. We have a separate  dog and cat ward, to allow us to cater to the different needs of our patients. 


Dog Ward

Our dog ward is equipped with cages of different sizes to accommodate for all breeds of dogs.


Our cat ward has 9 spacious cages designed specially for cats. The cages are arranged in a way where the felines will not be able to see each other in order to reduce inter-cat induced stress. We also have a Feliway diffuser that emits pheromones to help calm down our feline friends.

Cat Ward

We provide the following facilities and amenities for our patients:

  • Air conditioning during the day. Overnight, our patients are kept at a comfortable temperature with a fan. However overnight air conditioning can be provided for patients that need it.

  • For patients who require intravenous fluids, we have electronic fluid pumps to ensure the right amount of fluids are administered. 

  • We provide warm water bottles as well as heat pads to help warm the patients that need for their body temperature to be regulated.

  • Portable oxygen generators are available to provide oxygen therapy for critical care patients.

  • Every day a specific nurse is stationed at the wards to monitor all our patients closely enabling us to be alerted to any possible emergent situations.

In the event of an emergency, we have well stocked crash kits to allow us to readily provide the urgent attention your pet may need. Our surgical theatre and preparation room are strategically located near both treatment rooms if your pet requires immediate medical attention.

Medical Boarding

We understand that it is difficult to go on a stress-free holiday if your pet has a chronic medical issue that requires daily attention. We aim to help by providing our clients the option of medical boarding. Please enquire with us if you think you may need this service.