Animal Diets

We stock a wide range of prescription diets to suit your pet's needs. Please contact us for any enquiries or orders. 

So that you do not get disappointed, we highly encourage owners to call in advance to place orders for your diet of choice, just in case we do not have it in stock. Our prescription diets are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we will inform you once your orders have arrived.

Prescription Diets

Our clinic carries two brands of prescription diets, Royal Canin as well as Hill's Prescription Diet. 

Both brands carry Canine and Feline prescription diets. For each diet type, both brands generally provide wet/gravy food options as well as dry food options to suit your pet's needs. If your pet requires a prescription diet but does not like the usual fare, please let us know and we may be able to help you source for alternatives.


Mazuri is known world-wide for the nutritional diets catered specifically for exotic animals. The brand is popular with zoos, research labs and exotic pet owners because their well designed diets cater to most of the animal kingdom, from birds to reptiles, mammals to fishes. At our clinic, we work to bring in a wide variety of diets from Mazuri. Kindly enquire with us if you do not see what you need in the list below. 

Our range of includes: 

  • Mazuri Insectivore Diet

  • Mazuri Freshwater Turtle Diet

  • Mazuri Hedgehog Diet

  • Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet

  • Mazuri Parrot Diets

  • Mazuri Rabbit Diet with Timothy Hay

  • Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet

Novel Protein Diet

Novel proteins are those that your pet has never been on before, and are not typically found in pet food. Examples of these protein sources would be meats such as Kangaroo, Crocodile and Venison. Novel protein diets may be recommended for food trials for dogs suspected to have food related allergies. 

To stock various type of diets for these food trials. Kindly enquire with us if you are interested in more information.  


We stock Critical Care diets to for herbivores such as rabbits and pocket pets. These are suitable for patients with poor nutritional status resulting from illness or during recovery from surgery.


Oxbow Critical Care

Oxbow Critical Care Fine Grind