Recommended Links

Health and Hygiene (Pty) Ltd
Health and Hygiene (Pty) Ltd, a South African company, was formed in 1994 to manufacture and market high performance antimicrobial and infection control products. All products are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility independently audited to international and APVMA standards.

F10 Products UK
The UK arm for F10 products has this link to the excellent vet authored "F10 Facts series" describing uses for F10 products in a wide range of veterinary and zoological situations. In addition you can find a wide range of technical and reference data for F10 products on this website.

Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority:
The APVMA is an Australian government statutory authority established in 1993 to centralise the registration of all agricultural and veterinary chemical products into the Australian marketplace. This includes disinfectants being used in animal related industries. You can search teir PUBCRIS database to check and see if any disinfectant product is APVMA registered in Australia.

Animal Health Australia
Animal Health Australia is an innovative partnership involving the Australian Government, state and territory governments, major livestock industries and other stakeholders. We work with our members and stakeholders to strengthen Australia’s national animal health system and maximise confidence in the safety and quality of Australia’s livestock products in domestic and overseas markets.

National Pest and Disease Outbreaks:
This website was developed collaboratively across state & territory and Australian government agricultural agencies to provide a single, user-friendly website through which stakeholders can find access to local, state and national information in relation to Australian responses to current outbreaks of animal (including aquatic), plant and marine pests and diseases.

The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
amr-review.org/ for the overview and amr-review.org/sites/default/files/160525_Final%20paper_with%20cover.pdf for the actual review itself.
Very interesting reading, laying out the processes that need to be taken to combat he ever-rising issue of AMR