We stock specific biosecurity related equipment to assist with the dilution and / or application of our disinfectant and hand hygiene products.
Chemical Blenders and Proportioners

Our experience has shown that blending or dosing equipment can have a significant impact on chemical cost. Compared to staff mixing chemicals by hand, customers using blending systems inevitably find that their chemical use drops, with a resultant drop in costs. 

It may not seem like a major issue, but look at the consequences of incorrect mixing :

  • By under-diluting (concentration is too strong), you risk not only wasting chemicals and subsequent increased cost, but ‘more is not always better’ – certain chemicals could be hazardous if mixed incorrectly, and could adversely affect staff, equipment and your manufactured product.
  • By over-diluting (concentration too weak), you risk not cleaning properly, not killing all potential pathogens which can lead to product contamination or disease outbreaks, and microbial resistance build-up from constant exposure to weak disinfectant.

It doesn't matter which way you look at it, sloppy chemical dilution will cost your business money!

We offer a wide range of quality chemical blending equipment, from basic and cost effective venturi systems right through to state of the art, custom-finished electronic dosing pumps. We will discuss your requirements with you, and determine the right system for best results.

NEW - FOAMASTER® II - 95HFMRA – 2 Litre Foam Gun w/multi-ratio dial
We now offer the Foamaster II for simple disinfection dilution at the end of a hose. Ideal for F10 use with parvovirus as one of the standard auto-dilution settings is 1:128, so no pre-dilution required.

Features :

  • Exceptional chemical resistance to acidic or caustic cleaners
  • Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals
  • Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam
  • Fan spray deflector included for disinfectants, etc.
  • Durable polymer mixing head with stainless steel screws
  • Quick-set dial selects mixing ratio or mixing off setting
  • Anti-siphon built into handle
  • Detach handle for a powerful spray rinse
  • Easy to fill wide mouth, chemical resistant polyethylene quart or half gallon bottle

Applications :

  • For cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting when a foam is desired to increase surface contact time
  • Supermarket and packing house meat cutting rooms and equipment
  • Food handling and preparation areas
  • Institutional, industrial, or public restrooms, shower rooms, and locker rooms
  • Animal cages
  • Dairy equipment
  • Trucks, cars and other equipment

Operational Specifications :

  • Water Pressure - 40 to 90 psi (for maximum accuracy 40 to 60 psi)
  • Output – 6 Litres per minute
  • Spray Pattern - Foaming attachment provides a fan spray, removes for a solid stream. Deflector attachment for non foaming fan spray patterns. Optional longer distance foam wand available.
  • Anti-siphon - Protects water supply. (Note: a slight discharge of water from base of handle when water is turned off is normal and indicates anti-siphon is functioning properly.)
  • Standard Single Ratio - 40 ml.of a water weight chemical per Litre of solution sprayed.
  • Customized Ratios - Can be set from 1/4 oz. per gallon to 14 oz. per gallon. (Note: this range is affected by the viscosity of the chemical.)
  • Caution: Additional attachments or alteration of container or siphon tube are not recommended as it may interfere with proper operation of this unit.


Fogging equipment
Providing you have a disinfectant that combines rapid efficacy with operator safety, such as F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant, fogging is an excellent option for certain applications as it ensures airbourne pathogens are also exposed to the disinfectant, not just those found on surfaces and equipment. It is easy to perform and highly cost-effective as relatively little product is used.

NEW - Chemical Essentials is pleased to anounce that we are now bringing in a new range of exceptional fogging machines. The Vectorfog machines shown below provide outstanding performance with reduced noise levels, which is a big boon for clients wanting to fog without deafening themselves or alarming any animals!

Vectorfog C20 ULV Fogger

The all-new C20 is one of the smallest yet powerful ULV foggers in the market. Features include a 1.5 litre tank, a super efficient 560 Watt Samsung motor, outflow of 15-30 LPH, adjustable droplet size between 5-30 microns and a two speed output control. The two speed control allows power to be halved to 50% which reduces noise level, a great benefit in many instances.

Thanks to its ultra-compact design, this fogger is ideal for spraying in smaller spaces including catteries and internal kennels, vet clinics, laboratories, domestic properties as well as food preparation areas, car valets and offices.

Tank Capacity 1.5 Litres
Power 220V / 110V
Motor Samsung 560W
Flow Rate 15-30LPH
Droplet Size 5 - 30 microns
Net Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 25 x 20 cm

Vectorfog C100+ ULV Fogger

The new 2014 C100+ ULV cold fogger has been redesigned to offer the ultimate in fogging performance. One of the most powerful and durable ULV machines of its size in the market, the C100 has been equipped with a new air intake, reducing the core temperature of the fogger by 28%, enhancing its performance in long working conditions. The C100+ is also 10dB quieter than previous models, so ideal for applications where loud noise is particularly intrusive or unwanted.

Fitted with a new larger 4 litre tank and our exclusive 1250 Watt Samsung motor, this fogger can produce a powerful flow rate between 30-60 LPH and can easily cover an area of 100 m² in less than a minute. With an adjustable droplet size between 5-50 microns and spray distance of up to 8 metres at an angle of up to 80 degrees, this fogger will be able to perform the most demanding of jobs with ease.

Tank Capacity 4 Litres
Power 220V / 110V
Motor Samsung 1250W
Flow Rate 30-60LPH
Droplet Size 5 - 50 microns
Net Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 52 x 30 x 16 cm

Click here to see articles on fogging. http://www.healthandhygiene.net/

Disinfection mats

We stock high quality disinfection mats for improved biosecurity.

Disinfection mats are designed to assist with biosecurity and disease control. For human use, at entrances to disease-sensitive premises, the mats replace the traditional footbath and improve OH&S by reducing tripping and spillage. They can also be used in previously "unguarded" areas where liquid footbaths were deemed too messy.

Some details on the product line :

  • Tough permeable upper fabric allows transfer of liquid through to core but keeps most organic matter out, so the disinfectant solution maintains its efficacy far better.
  • Non-permeable bottom and side fabric to prevent loss of liquid.Core of high-absorbency bonded urethane foam retains disinfection liquid.
  • Easily filled and replenished - simply pour solution on top of mat to fill.
  • Clean by placing on edge and hosing with water, leave to drain.
  • Use any disinfectant or sanitizer (of course we recommend rapid acting F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant).
  • 3 sizes available - 85 x 60cm holds 8 litres; 85 x 85cm holds 12 litres; 85 x 180cm holds 25 litres.
  • All mats are 3cm thick.


Electronic Modular Hands-free soap dispensers

We now stock new electronic soap dispensers allowing touch free decontamination of hands. These units work exceptionally well with our F10 Hand Gel and are thus ideal for areas where hand decontamination is required but no washing facilities are available.

Please contact us for further details if interested.