Adzorbstar - Odour Control

Molecular Adsorber Disposable Air Cleaners

Hundreds of Australians have successfully sorted out their problematic odour issue by using Adzorbstar. Some of the most common problems include:

- Dead animal odour (stuck in walls or ceiling)
- Rotten meat odour in fridge/caravan/house (after power cuts etc)
- Animal odour in house/kennels etc
- Unpleasant car interior odours (plastic new car smell, used car smoke/sweat etc)
- Smoke odour in rental properties
- Drain odour
- Cooking odour
- Chemical odour from unknown sources (and brand new couches etc)
- Lingering paint odour
- Garbage odour
- And many more, please read on to find out more...

Keep your workplace or home fresh with ADZORBSTAR® - it doesn’t just cover up fumes and odours, it adsorbs them! Can be used for homes/workplaces that have suffered flood damage to help remove damp, mildew, mould and general unpleasant odours.

ADZORBSTAR® eliminates noxious fumes and airborne molecules less than .001 microns in size and restores fresh smelling air to any small area. It removes offensive and dangerous odours such as mould, mildew, cooking, locker room, tobacco smoke, paint fumes, animal, chemical and solvent odours. ADZORBSTAR® is a unique and patented technology that attracts odours and fumes like a magnet and traps them inside the cartridge. Position near the offender and ADZORBSTAR® will remove odours 24 hours a day while being totally maintenance free and using no electricity.

Benefits :

  • Eliminates odours, gases and fumes
  • Highly cost effective – from around 33c per day*
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Emits no masking scents
  • Prevents mildew growth
  • Improves OH&S in the work environment
  • Non toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Requires no external power or maintenance – no additional ongoing costs
  • Simple to use, pedestal or wall mount available
  • Lasts for up to 6 months
  • Safe and easy disposal


How it works :

The specially formulated proprietary pellets in the patented ADZORBSTAR®:

  • Have a low dew point which means they are extremely good at absorbing moisture
  • Are negatively charged and provide hundreds of square feet of surface area to attract moisture particles
  • Fumes, odours and gases attach to air humidity and are positively charged
  • Humidity is drawn to the ADZORBSTAR due to the units electrostatic thirst for moisture

Positively charged odours, gases and fumes lock onto the negatively charged pellets and are held within the ADZORBSTAR®.

The adsorber works on the principle that all gases, odours and fumes ride moisture molecules. The materials that make up the molecular sieve are hydroscopic and pull these combined molecules into the patented metal core. The ionic sieve locks the offending materials into the canister. The sieve is biodegradable, lasts for 3-6 months under normal temperature and humidity and can be disposed of under normal conditions. The sieve will entrap any gases, odours and fumes within the ranges of 2-10A.

There are 2 sizes of Adzorbstar available - the smaller 16oz units will work in rooms of around 30m3 (approximately 3m x 4m x 2.5m) while the larger 32oz unit will be effective up to around 60m3 (approximately 5m x 5m x 2.5m). Larger areas would require multiple units for full product efficiency.

Active ingredient: Synthetic sodium aluminosilcate.

Manufactured in the USA

*cost per day based on 6 month usage of a 32oz refill